What is Architectural Visualisation?

Architectural Visualisation is the art of creating content showcasing the designs of unrealised architectural projects. It is used in marketing material as part of a wider brand strategy, either web or print based, and also in presentations to win architectural competitions.
The content is usually still images, film and virtual reality. Computers are used with 3D modelling software to render images using predetermined cameras, lights and materials to closely mimic what the built environment will look like. Techniques involving photomontage, post production, and matte painting can greatly improve the quality of image work. Compositing 3D renders with live footage and green-screen footage for set extensions and camera projection techniques can greatly enhance film work.
Styles can vary greatly from photo-realistic work to highly stylised and artistic work.

Who are we?

We are a highly experienced team of talented artists dedicated to creating work that we love. Together, we have completed work on hundreds of projects worldwide, including many large scale landmark developments.

What is our thinking?

We’re an art lead agency that creates high quality content using a mixture of traditional artistic processes and cutting edge technology and techniques.

Who do we work for?

Our clients are Property Developers, Digital Agencies, Designers and Architects.