Matte Painting.

A Matte painting is an image of an environment that doesn't exist, that is created using both 2D and 3D elements, whether they are painted, from photography or rendered. It takes a high degree of skill to do this as the elements need to be colour and perspective matched to make it believable. These techniques have been used in film as a way to combine filmed elements and painted scenes for a long time. Minmud uses these techniques to create images when aerial photography is not available in both imagery and film.

Riyadh spherical environment.

Below is a spherical matte painting as seen from the Central Market Authority tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. To create this a basic 3D scene of Riyadh was created and rendered as a spherical image. This was then up-scaled and painted at high resolution. Minmud used these spherical images in a variety of deliverables for the project including images, film and virtual reality.

Heathrow Airport

Below is a short clip showing the assembly of a Heathrow Airport aerial view. There wasn't any photography available so Minmud created a base scene in 3D and then painted the English countryside while the client developed their scene. Minmud then composited the 3D render into the painting to complete the image.